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about me
The Edinburgh Foodbook

I am not a food critic, chef, wine connoisseur or food professionals in any sense of the words. And I don't want to try to be. I wouldn't even say that I have a particularly good palate - I partially blame this on my poor sense of smell. I do, however, appreciate good and interesting food and like to visit places which satisfy my appetite for good food (excuse the pun)


This blog is a collection of my amateur thoughts and experiences from various visits - predominantly around my hometown.  As I said before, I am no critic so my 'reviews' are a quick view of my experience and I'm sure will mainly serve for my own reminiscence more than anything else.  But if my posts do help people make decisions on restaurants to visit and help promote local produce, then that's a bonus.


If you do enjoy my posts please do like and share them, the exposure would be great promotion for the restaurants.  Please also check out my Instagram for more photos.

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