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Char (Tenerife)

On our last night in Tenerife, we visited the restaurant, Char in La Caleta. It is actualy owned by the same team as Lagarto although we did not know that at the time. It was a Thursday evening and we went to La Caleta to look around and find a place to eat, after trying a number of other places which were full we went to Char - they were also extremely busy but our timing was lucky as two seats at their bar overlooking the kitchen had just opened up. We were extremely fortunate to get to eat here, and it was probably the highlight of the holiday (food wise).

Visit Details: Thursday Evening, October 2018

Menu Choice: A La Carte

Food Creativity: 8/10

Char is an up-market grill restaurant but it's menu is much more interesting than that. Their mix of cold and hot starters, meat and fish dishes with a number of really exciting ingredients that we hadn't had before made it difficult to choose what to have. For me, the most amazing dish was the snow crab. If you've ever seen the TV show, Deadliest Catch, you'll know what I'm talking about. This was probably the only easy choice on the menu as it's something I've wanted to try for years but never seen it on a menu

Cookery Skill: 8/10

Our seats at the bar literally overlooked the kitchen and getting to see the chefs hustle around getting all the food ready was great - we've done chefs tables before but usually in a much quieter environment, this was much busier and really interesting to watch. The team at Char and head chef Samuel Hernandez are obviously very skilled. Our dishes were exquisitely cooked and balanced between all of their flavours. The snow crab was perfect and succulent, the citrus not too overpowering and allowing the tender crab meat shine on its own, the crispy squid and sweet chilli - a classic combination but delivered to perfection and my crispy pork belly, crispy, salty, crunchy crackling and soft, pullable meat - each dish really was excellent.

Atmosphere: 9/10

Char is a very classy, modern grill restaurant. Obviously very very popular and busy but it's small and cosy enough for the business to feel right, rather than hectic and messy. We loved sitting at the bar and watching everyone at work.

Service: 9/10

The service at Char was second to none, excellent. As mentioned at the start, we were very lucky to get a seat at the bar and this is where the service excellence began. The host was very friendly and happy to guide us through the menu, and happy to let Chloe sample the glassed wine before she committed (I was driving). The staff were all extremely attentive, noticing whenever a glass of water or wine needed topped up.

Price: 9/10

You can probably tell by now that we really enjoyed our dinner at Char, and for us, the value was really high. Starters (designed for sharing) are around €12-€17 and mains are €16-€22, so really not too expensive at all, considering the quality you are getting.

Overall: 9/10

In all, we'd have to say that Char was the culinary highlight of our trip to Tenerife, it was an amazing stroke of luck and a great surprise to have something so excellent without planning it. We raved about it to the rest of the family who were visiting in Tenerife with us, two of whom promptly booked and visited the next day. We'll be back!



01 - King Crab leg with Guacamole & Citrus Oil

02 - Salt and Pepper Crispy Squid with Coriander and Sweet Chilli

03 - Crispy Pork Belly with Mojo Rojo and Soy


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